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Do you want to start playing the Modern Blues and Licks without confusing scales or those hard-to-understand theories? Then this course is for you.

  • What you're going to study

    In this course, you will learn all the scales you need to improvise on the Blues with a modern and evolved language! With me – a professional Blues musician – as your personal guitar teacher, you will receive one lesson per week, which you can stay at your own convenience. Your classes with include 21 scales, you'll receive HD videos, more than 80 licks, original jam tracks and personalized feedback from me for each video you submit.

  • What you get for each lesson

    A theoretical written analysis for each scale, a jam track to practice on, an HD video of an improvisation and brand new licks built on that scale! You will also have tailored teaching assistance for each lesson: I will review your work and send a response with advice on how and where to improve your playing.

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    This course includes access to our exclusive group on Facebook. An amazing space where you can get in touch with thousands of students from all over the world.


Introducing Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar...The New Interactive Guitar Method by Davide Pannozzo.


This is my course designed to level-up your Blues playing using the exact same tools and tricks that Modern Blues Masters like Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, Oz Noy use.

It makes it easy for you to unlock your guitar playing and boost your live gigs! 



Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Easily know and apply all the scales you can use on the Blues and play them easily over the chord changes
  • Quit worrying about what scale you could use over specific chords
  • Get better gigs, and watch your social media accounts grow with new followers and likes showing your new skill on the guitar!
  • Stop wasting money on a one-to-one guitar lesson or searching your answers on YouTube for hours

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.



In fact, you can ask big names of the Modern Blues to give you private lessons! Unfortunately, if they agree to do that, they also charge even $200 per hour.


That's why you're going to love Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar.


New Teaching Method Helps You Unlock Your Guitar Playing Faster, even if you're not so advanced!!


Meaning you can get better gigs that you're getting now without hiring an expensive teacher! 


You feel stuck in your style, playing the same pentatonic scales over & over again?


With this course, you will know EVERY tool you can use to make your style more interesting and... tasty!


Need a guide to understand EXACTLY what step to take to level-up your playing?


I'll guide you through this path using the same formula as hundreds of students around the world are using already with incredible results!


With Scale Concepts, you'll know all the scales used by the best Modern Blues guitar players in the world including Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, Oz Noy, Carl Verheyen.


Scale Concepts will teach you new skills no matter what is your genre!


Scale Concepts works for all genres. Even if... You're playing Rock, Funk, Pop, Jazz Music!


If You can keep your guitar in your hands You Can easily Develop Your Own Style with This Course!


Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar is incredibly easy to use, even if you don’t think you’re a good guitar player (yet!).

With Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar you will get:

  • A proven method used by hundreds of students all around the world with HUGE results.

  • You'll know EVERY scale used by the greats on the Modern Blues.

  • You'll be guided by a professional Blues artist with more than 15 years of experience in the field, with 6 albums and hundreds of concerts around the world and top-class collaborations. 


If you had to pay one-to-one lesson with a professional teacher to show off all of the scales you get with "Scale Concepts", it would cost you $1,500 or more.


You can get "Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar" for ONLY $59 / month x 5 months or $269 one-time-payment fee (-10% off the toal).


Because Scale Concepts has limited spots and it's available at a discounted rate for a limited time buy it today to lock in special pricing before the rate goes up!




If you're not completely satisfied with the professional results you get from Scale Concepts, every penny of your purchase will be refunded, no questions asked.


Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar (Presentation)

    • How to use the teaching material?

  • 2

    Pentatonic Scales

    • 1) Pentatonic Modes Overview

    • Pentatonic Scales Fingerings

    • Pentatonic Scale Exercises

    • Pentatonic Scale Exercises

    • Backing Track - "Ten Long Years" (in C)

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #1

    • 2) Mixing Minor & Major Pentatonic Overview

    • Mixing the Pentatonic Scales (Licks)

    • Mixing The Pentatonic Scales Licks (GuitarPro file)

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #2

    • 3) Pentatonic Add6 Overview

    • Pentatonic Add6 Fingering

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #3

    • 4) Dominant 7th Pentatonic Overview

    • Dominant Seventh Pentatonic Fingering

    • Dominant Seventh Pentatonic Licks

    • Dominant Seventh Pentatonic Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track - "A Doric (Reggae)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #4

    • Let's discuss about this!

    • Need a recap?

    • Ok, now I need you to get me a feedback! :) Can you reply to a few questions please?

    • EXCLUSIVE Facebook Groop

  • 3

    Major Scale Modes

    • Overview

    • Major Scale Modes Fingerings

    • 1) Ionian (Major Scale) - Overview

    • Ionian Scale Licks

    • Ionian Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "G Ionic (Motown)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #1

    • 2) Doric - Overview

    • Doric Scale Licks

    • Doric Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "A Doric (Reggae)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #2

    • 3) Phrygian - Overview

    • Phrygian Scale Licks

    • Phrygian Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "B Phrygian (Jazz)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #3

    • 4) Lydian - Overview

    • Lydian Scale Licks

    • Lydian Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "C Lydian (Funk)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #4

    • 5) Mixolydian - Overview

    • D Mixolydian (Funk)

    • Mixolydian Scale Licks

    • Mixolydian Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #5

    • 6) Aeolian - Overview

    • Aeolian Scale Licks

    • Aeolian Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "E Aolian (Hard Rock)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #6

    • 7) Locrian - Overview

    • Locrian Scale Licks

    • Locrian Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "F# Locrian (Rock)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #7

    • Let's discuss about this!

    • Need a recap?

  • 4

    Melodic Minor Scale Modes

    • Overview

    • 1) Melodic Minor - Overview

    • Melodic Minor Fingerings

    • Melodic Minor Scale Licks

    • Melodic Minor Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Blues Backing Track: "G Melodic Minor (Rock Fusion)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #1

    • 2) Doric b2 - Overview

    • Doric b2 Scale Licks

    • Doric b2 Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Blues Backing Track: "A Doric b2 (Fusion)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #2

    • 3) Lydian Augmented - Overview

    • Lydian Augmented Scale Licks

    • Lydian Augmented Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "Bb Lydian Augmented (Funk)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #3

    • 4) Lydian Dominant - Overview

    • Lydian Dominant Scale Licks

    • Lydian Dominant Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Tracks: "C Lydian b7 (Rock Fusion)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #4

    • 5) Mixolydian b6 - Overview

    • Mixolydian 6b Scale Licks

    • Mixolydian 6b Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "D Mixolydian b6 (Funk)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #5

    • 6) Locrian #2 - Overview

    • Locrian #2 Scale Licks

    • Locrian #2 Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "E Locrian #2 (Jazz)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #6

    • 7) Superlocrian - Overview

    • SuperLocrian Scale Licks

    • Superlocrian Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "F# Superlocrian (Rock)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #7

    • Let's discuss about this!

    • Need a recap?

  • 5

    Harmonic Minor Scale

    • Overview

    • Harmonic Minor Scale Fingering

    • Harmonic Minor Scale Licks

    • Harmonic Minor Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "Harmonic Minor (IIm-V-I)"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #1

    • Let's discuss about this!

    • Need a recap?

  • 6

    Diminished Scale

    • Overview

    • Diminished Scale Fingering

    • Diminished Scale Licks

    • Diminished Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "Diminished Scale"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #1

    • Let's discuss about this!

    • Need a recap?

  • 7

    Whole Tone Scale

    • Overview

    • Whole Tone Scale Fingering

    • Whole Tone Scale Licks

    • Whole Tone Scale Licks (GuitarPro File)

    • Backing Track: "Whole Tone Scale"

    • Demonstration

    • Assignment #1

    • Let's discuss about this!

    • Need a recap?

  • 8

    Evaluation & Exam

    • Greetings

    • Final Assignment

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  • How long is the course?

    The course Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar will last 21 weeks. Every seven days, from the date of your enrollment, you will find a new lesson.

  • How does it work?

    Students will get a new lesson every seven days. For each lesson, each student will get an overview of the topic, several licks, backing tracks and an HD video in which Davide Pannozzo will show how to approach the scale. At the end of each lesson, there will be the possibility to send your own work: a video that shows the use of the given scale and on which you will receive a feedback from Davide in order to proceed to the next lesson. Sending the elaborate is not mandatory unless you want to get a final certification of the course. But it is highly recommended, even to get the 100% of the potential of the course. Each student can submit their work, with the cadence who prefers managing the workload as they want.

  • There will tabs available for each scale? Can I download material?

    Yes, there will be tabs for each scales and licks. The audio and video are not downloadable but 365 days a year, 24/7 accessible online! This allows the teacher to have detailed statistics about each student and following up with each one with the most profit. The material is available online at any time, even after the end of the course, with no expiring date! In addition, you can download the GUITARpro files of exercises and licks. That makes it even easier to use and learn the content.

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