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What are you going to get?

  • Lesson #1

    Learn how to mix Major and Minor pentatonic, one of the most important tools you need to know to play the Blues.

  • Lesson #2

    Get access to an exclusive Masterclass, generally open only to Membership students.

  • Lesson #3

    Learn how to arrange a song for solo guitar and an interesting "special" technique!

  • Lesson #4

    Learn six new Blues licks to add immediately into your playing! You will have a video demonstration and a note-by-note transcription.

  • Lesson #5

    Let's work on the repertoire! Learn how to play the song "Born Under A Bad Sign"! You'll get an overview, a video demonstration, interactive tabs, and a jam track.


Davide Pannozzo

He is a professional Blues musician based in New York with 15 years’ experience and six albums to his name. “I am passionate about the Blues, so have used my personal experience to design these online courses and help you unlock your inner Blues artist, taking your guitar playing to the next level. I look forward to playing with you.”